How to do the hydraulic oil , loader oil and antifreeze routine inspection?
1,By observing the hydraulic oil gauge to check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient.

2,  Unscrew the tank cover of the engine room to see if the antifreeze is sufficient. Normal circumstances, the liquid level is 15 to 20 mm from the upper plane of the radiator of the tank.

3,Check the loader oil, pull out the oil gauge, wipe it clean, insert it into the oil pan, and see if it is between the upper and lower oil level mark.

If insufficient, please replenish in time.

How to operate electric loaders in rainy days?
1,Due to the relatively large weight of the loader, it is necessary to pay attention to the non-slip and subsidence of the road in rainy days.

2,It is forbidden to repair the loader in rainy days to prevent electrical short circuit and electric shock.

3,Try to avoid long periods of deep wading.

4,In case of heavy rainfall, stop outdoor work.

If possible, please park the loader in the garage and close the main switch.

How to do loader air conditioning maintenance?
1,Check whether refrigerant leaks at air conditioner pipe joints. If there is leakage, please tighten it in time, add refrigerant if necessary.

2,Check whether the air conditioner filter element is blocked, under normal circumstances, replace the air conditioning filter once a year or 500 hours.

3,Check whether the condenser is blocked, If there is blockage, clean it in time.

4,Check the air conditioning outlet for odors,  normally clean it every three months.

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